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Our Features

Platorm to ensure your email delivery is at the best and have complete visibility on the transaction emails

Email Management

Move the email content and subject out of the code and manage them from center location along with the email logs

A/B Testing

Test with the different email content, subject and send the same template from different service providers and evaluate the best.


Easy to embedded the dynamic content in the email content and subject using well known handlebars.js syntax. You can use loops, if conditions etc..

Customer Tracking

Send the customer activity to TruSender with easy to use events api and set the email callbacks based on different parameters in the customer event.


Here are some of the most commonly asked questions by customers.

Trusender makes A/B testing easy to manage while providing the level of accuracy required to ensure your tests are robust, so you can rapidly test new ideas and optimize the performance of your campaigns.

You can A/B test:

-Subject lines
-From addresses
-Body content

Configuring your first A/B test is a simple process, however, features vary between type of campaign,

You can add or update customers in Trusender using CSV.
You can only import CSV files up to 50,000 rows. For files larger than this, please email and we will help you import your data.

To succesfully import a CSV you must have at least a list of customers’ email addresses. You can also include other columns for customer properties. An example would be a first_name column, or a location column. Trusender will store these properties against the customer’s profile.

You can merge customer and event properties into outgoing emails in Trusender.

To provide you with powerful templating options Trusender uses Handlebars, an open-source templating language created by Shopify. You can use Handlebars to load dynamic content in your emails based on the data you have stored in Trusender.

When sending emails you can include both a HTML and plain text version of the content.

By including both versions you leave it up to the customer and their email client to decide which format is to be displayed.

A dedicated IP address is a unique internet address dedicated exclusively to a single hosting account. In the case of email this means we’ll send your emails from a solo, dedicated server.

Trusender works extremely hard to ensure a consistently high reputation of all our shared IPs.

There are cases however where your situation or volume is best supported by a dedicated IP. This gives you complete control of your own sending reputation – as your reputation will be influenced solely by the quality of your own contacts list and emails.

Once you have Verified your DNS, Trusender can assign you domain over to your own dedicated IP.

Our deliverability team can provide tailored solutions based on your needs. Please contact us via

Deliverability refers to the percentage of emails that reach your customers’ inboxes.

The term deliverability does not describe the Delivered figure you see in Trusender. This figure represents the number of emails accepted by recipient email providers (like Gmail). An email is marked as Delivered when Trusender receives confirmation it has been received.

Deliverability refers to the percentage of emails that are placed in the Inbox. Note that once delivered, an email may be placed in either the Inbox or Spam folders.

You can only export files up to 50,000 rows from the Trusender UI. If you want to export more data, or data that you can’t see how to export in the UI, please email our support and we’ll do our best to do it for you as quickly as possible.

Trusender defines events as all the actions a customer is taking on your site. It could be everything from signing up to checking out, viewing a page to clicking a button, etc..

Trusender lets you collect event properties along with any of these events. These are then used to provide more context and customize your email even more.