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Trusender is growing fast, thanks to the support of users like you. Most of the 10,000 businesses using us today have heard about through word of mouth, via their friends or through Facebook groups. Through spending less on expensive Google ads or flashy marketing, we can keep our costs down which in turn means a lower price platform.

If you have a few minutes, we’d be forever thankful if you could spread the word and help others contact their subscribers for less. Here’s how:

Write an honest review

For those thinking about switching email marketing provider, how it stacks up against the competition is incredibly important. At Trusender we're incredibly proud of our platform and the personal support we offer. If you agree with us, then we'd love you to write a review on one of the following websites:

For each review you write, we offer a 25% discount for a month. So if you review us 4 times, across all the above platforms - you'll receive a whole month free of email marketing. Just send us an email to with a screenshot of your review and we'll be delighted to apply the discount to your next invoice.

Share our content

We spend a lot of time writing articles around email marketing, business and how we're growing Trusender, some of these have been shared thousands of times on social media. Producing useful, interesting content is a great for us to assist budding entrepreneurs and marketers, whilst also increasing awareness of our brand. By sharing these on your social media, or with friends you can only help us more! Here are a few which have proved popular in the past:

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If you're not already, you should follow us on social media. Not only is it the first place where we'll share our exciting updates to Trusender, it's also where you speak with the team directly for assistance as you use Trusender.

Get in touch with your feedback

As a relatively new platform (we've only been going 3 years), we know there's a lot more we can be doing to make your email marketing life better. We always welcome feedback (good and bad!) and you can do so directly by emailing us on Our whole team, including founders, regularly monitors our support channels - so you can be sure it'll get read and be noted.

Tell all your friends (and earn money doing so!)

If you're incredibly popular, or hang out on popular Facebook groups, feel free to spread the word about us directly. We'll give you a $15 credit (used against your next invoice) for each paying member you recommend. They'll also get a discount off their first invoice too. Win-win! Sign in to Trusender, visit the rewards page, then copy your unique link to begin saving.

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